Our Stuff Works On Everything!

Whether you need it for foggy glasses or your car’s windshield, Quick Sheen has you covered.

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What Is It?

Our anti-fog is designed to work on any glass or plastic materials. Including glasses, sunglasses, safety goggles, any windshield types, gun scopes, and any other clear or reflective surface.https://quicksheen.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/AntiFog_09012020-1.mp4

Is It Safe?

Yes! Our Products contain no silicone, alcohol, ammonia, or abrasives.

Meaning that our anti-fog is safe to use on all plastics, glass, or lexon (a material used for boat and motorcycle windshields). It is also non-flammable and non-hazardous. Plus, it acts as an anti-static as well!

Why Quick Sheen’s Anti-Fog?

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