Best Anti-Fog for Work & Recreation

It’s no secret that having a foggy face shield, scope, goggles, etc. is downright annoying, and in some cases can even be dangerous.

Quick Sheen anti-fog spray is most commonly used as an anti-fog and cleaner for, but not limited to:

Quick Sheen: Quick Guide

Step 1 

Clean the surface you wish to apply the best anti-fog spray on using a soft cloth as this will help remove any larger dust particles or debris from the surface for an even layering.

Step 2

Shake the anti-fog spray well before application to ensure it’s evenly spread.

Step 3

Apply the anti-fog glass cleaner and make sure to cover the entire surface with the solution. Double-check to make sure that there is an even layer on the surface.

Step 4

Wait for 2 minutes before cleaning the best anti-fog lens cleaner off. Make sure to use a lint-free, dry cloth and add a little pressure to remove the excess solution.

Step 5

Buff the surface if necessary. However, if applied correctly, you won’t have to buff with our anti-fog glass cleaner.